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This page provides you with tips to save money online which will help you save and make money in the USA. Each tip was carefully chosen to assist you in saving and making money. You can search for the money saving tips online as you like on the search panel or sort the tips using the sort buttons below. Our tips to save money online are extremely useful for making and saving money and you should use them in order to help you save money right now. The tips are categorized and can help you save money in each specific field of your regular household expenses. You can also rate the different tips giving them thumbs up if they helped you save or thumbs down if they haven't helped you. In addition, by clicking the dollar sign you can write how much each of our money saving tips has helped you save online. We are positive that these tip will be helpful and useful to your saving needs.
Teach Your Children the Value of a Dollar
You can get two birds using one shot by getting your children to earn their allowance by doing chores around the house. That way, your children will learn the value of money and won't spend it without thinking. As for you, you'll get jobs done much cheaper than you could by hiring outside help. A list of those chores could include cleaning the house or your car, walking the dog, shoveling snow, taking the garbage out, folding and ironing clothes and many more.
The more chores your kids do, the more they'll get and the more they'll evaluate what they got. It teaches them discipline as well as how to behave with money.
Drink Less
Drinking alcohol is one of the activities you should avoid. Well, if avoiding is too hard right now you should cut it down. Alcohol has mostly bad influences. It causes addiction, liver damage, other health issues and worst of all it empties your pockets. By trimming one drink a week you can save approximately 250 bucks each year. That could amount to 5,000 dollars in 20 years. Don't tell me you think the beer you drink is worth that much money. By cutting down your drinking slowly and gradually you can do it pretty easy without feeling like you miss it.
Drink tap water
Bottled water is one of the biggest hoaxes ever. It's a way to get you to pay more for something you can get almost for free. By now, if you drink bottled water, you tell yourself: yeah right, bottled water has a much better taste but that's your psyche only. Once you get used to tap water you'll think that it's pretty much the same and that there is no need to spend so much money on water. Research shows that the average person drinks 25,000$ worth of bottled water in a lifetime. That's how much you can save for each person by abandoning bottled water and moving to tap water. Believe me, no bottled water are worth so much money.
Shy people never get discounts
Remember that sentence. Shy people never get discounts. If you want to save some money you should always ask for a discount and a waiver of fees. You'll be surprised how many times just by asking you can save tens of dollars. You should also know your rights. Most workers have some perks or incentives they get from their employer and don't use them due to their lack of knowledge. Always take advantage of what you can. It might be discounted tickets, festivals and even your 401(k). Don't be shy, it will help you save hundreds of dollars each year.
Prevent unnecessary purchases
One of the most effective ways to prevent unnecessary purchases is to compare the cost with your hourly pay. Trust us, that will set your mind right. Let's say you see a shirt you want to buy that costs 30$ and that you earn 10 bucks per hour. Ask yourself, is this shirt worth 3 hours of work for buying it? Believe us, most of the things you want to buy won't look so appealing after you answer this question. In order to help you with that, in the expenses analysis section we have added a calculation especially for your income so you can see how much you work for each of your expenses. Go there and ask yourself right now.
Another option is to save the exact money you spend on unneeded stuff in a piggybank. Let's say you want to buy a cup of coffee that costs 3 bucks. Now, it will actually cost you 6 because you pay 3 to the seller and put another 3 in your piggybank. That way, the coffee maybe won't be worth it and you'll save your money.
Buy an index tracker
If you have some money for investments, you should buy an index tracking fund rather than an actively managed one. Most financial researches show that the value that managing funds add is minimal and that indices beat most investment managers in the long run. While the returns of actively managed and passive managed funds are similar, their cost is widely different. Active funds can cost 1.5% or more while tracking funds which are also traded on the NYSE can cost only 0.1% each year. To help you understand the meaning, let's say we're investing 10,000 bucks in a managed fund. Each year 150$ will be deducted from our yields while investing the same amount in a passive fund would deduct only 10 bucks. That's why passive funds have become so common these days and you should definitely use them.
Avoid expensive credit card and overdraft rates
Most people don't know that credit card rates are higher than 13%. That's unbelievable considering the low interest rates today. Every time you buy something in credit and numerous payments it might result in a high credit interest that could amount to 200 bucks each year. You can really save that money easily. The same could be said for overdraft. Your overdraft rates are as high as they come and you should never be in overdraft. By calculating your steps, you should avoid those scenarios as much as you can.
An additional thing you should notice is the ATM fee which could be really high at some machines. Plan your withdrawals so you won't pay those fees too much. Generally, a lot of people don't know that you can negotiate with your bank and get better terms just by arguing and saying that you'll leave. Nobody gives you a prize for being a nice and silent customer.
These days banks are going digital, and sometimes the fees for doing actions in your account is lower when doing it online. That serves two purposes. First, you'll get closer and more familiar with your account, knowing how much money you have. Second, you will lower your costs and be more efficient as you can do it from home at your free time.
Once working online, it will also be easier to move money to your savings account which might accrue some interest for you. In sum, you can easily optimize the way you work with your bank accounts and credit cards and save a lot of money, that could amount to 400 dollars each year.
Don't do it alone
By sharing your thoughts and desires you can help yourself save. Another option is to set an attainable goal and achieve it. You can share it with your friends and with us. We'd love to hear your story and to learn how we can help you achieve all of your goals and dreams. If you have any questions you can always ask us and if you need an encouragement, we'll be there for you. Savemoneyeasy was created especially to help you save. When you save money, we feel better and realize that our lifelong dream of helping others comes true.
You can read all the tips you find here to help you some more in specific fields and you can contact us and ask us any question that you haven't found the answer for. If you want our financial experts to help you, you can even go pro and open a wide connection with asking any question that interests you.
Every once in a while, you can afford spending some money on yourself. It's like going on a diet and enjoying a good meal of your choice once in two weeks. That way you'll be able to control yourself when you get the urges to buy stuff you don't really need.
Also, always remember that all of us make mistakes, and you will make some too. Don't beat yourself up because of a mistake and try to learn from remembering how you felt the last time you made a mistake like that. That way, your mistakes will pave the road to success.
And most importantly you should never give up. You can always upgrade yourself and you can always save some money. We're here to help. Let us.
Handle your insurance correctly
Insurance costs can vary materially and most times the insurance providers tend to give you clauses you don't need for additional payments. We all think that we need the biggest coverages but they actually cost money without providing any benefits most of the time. This tip is very applicable when considering life insurance especially if you have kids that are now on their own.
As a whole, you should always shop around for cheaper and better policies whenever you're about to renew them because you can see wide differences in premiums which could amount to hundreds of dollars each year. You should do this for health, auto and homeowners' insurance as the sum you save might even amount to a thousand bucks.
An additional option is to raise the deductibles and increase what you'll pay when an event happens because that will lower your premiums by up to 40%.
You probably don't know this but you can also drop your credit insurance coverage on installment loans if you have enough assets that will guarantee the loan if something happens to you.

Do you have student loans?
If you do, you should check your rates and maybe refinance them. Even though these days rates are going up your loan might be at higher rates than those you can get today. Therefore, by checking the rates you might save some money. Just to be clear, a reduction of 1% on a 20,000 dollar loan will save you 200 bucks each year. By doing a little refinancing you can save a lot of money. In addition, you can join an automatic debt repayment plan for a discount and save even some more. Generally, you should always check your rates and try to refinance them because it can only help you save money.
Calculate your steps
By calculating your steps, you can save a lot of money. You should create a detailed plan to help you save in many areas. Actually, that is why we created Savemoneyeasily, we can help you plan, set a target and most importantly achieve it. If you want to achieve your goals start right now by signing up, letting us know about your expenses and we'll offer you great courses of action that will help you save. We also have a section that enables you plan your budget in the way that suits you most. We can also create a special spreadsheet for you that will be created specifically for you by our own experts with PhDs in finance if you use our pro services (Click here to open a ticket for pro services).
In addition, you should always know what you are spending money on. Check your credit card or bank account records and examine your previous purchases. Think whether you need everything you bought and try to avoid paying in a large number of payments on credit because the interest is really high. It's preferable to use debit cards, as long as you don't go overdraft. As discussed earlier, we can help you with all of your needs. Let's go pro together.
Make some money on the side
There are a lot of ways to make some money on the side and while it might look like small sums they might amount to a lot of money which can contribute to your balance materially. In the following tip we'll portray some of the possibilities:
If you live in a state that enables getting money for recycling, saving the planet might also fatten your pockets. You should recycle whatever you can, from aluminum cans to glasses, and bottles. That might amount to 40$ each year.
Use your change effectively. Whenever you get some coins don't treat them like a burden, put them in your piggybank (if you don't have one, get one) and enjoy a cool 50$ a year you'll get without any effort. Don't forget that in 20 years those 50$ might amount to 1,000 bucks.
Earn some money by doing online surveys in your spare time. You can use your spare time effectively and make some money with online surveys. We have a whole section about it where you can find the pros and cons of each survey site. Click here to find out which survey site you prefer.
You don't always have to buy the most expensive products
When talking about our personal care and hygiene products most of us tend to buy expensive products because we believe that something that's pricey has to be better but that's not the case. Most of the times, inexpensive products are just as effective as their expensive counterparts. You should buy the cheapest shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and perfumes as most of them have the same characteristics and the cheap ones can fulfill your requirements easily. By buying the cheap products you can save up to 30% of your personal care expenses which could amount to hundreds of dollars each year.
More importantly than buying expensive stuff, be sure to shower and keep clean. That will help you a whole lot more than an expensive 30$ body cream.
Handle your food correctly
Throwing food in the trash is like burning money. While that has happened to all of us, we must prevent it. The first and most important tip to prevent you from throwing food away is to understand how food spoilage works. Expiration dates don't always tell you that you can't eat the food once they passed. Notice the specific words on the label. There is a difference between sell by and use by because sell by only relates to the retailer and not to the user.
Another important characteristic is to store your food correctly. If it's stored correctly, you'll have more days to consume the food before it goes bad.
An additional tip we can give you is to freeze dry goods for a couple of weeks and then store them in a cool space. This storage tip might add two years to the goods' lifespan.
And if we are dealing with frozen food another option is to buy frozen vegetables instead of buying fresh ones that spoil in a short time. The funny thing is that the frozen ones both have a longer lifespan and are cheaper so you can save a lot of money.
The last tip is not to prepare bigger dishes than what you intend to eat, that's the number one factor of food going to waste.
Potlucks are the social way to eat
If you had a potluck recently you know how much fun it is and how it can help you save. If you haven't, don't worry, all you got to do is to arrange one (which is really easy) and believe me you'll want to do it at least twice a month. If by now you don't know what a potluck is, it's fine don't worry. A potluck is a meal at home that each person invited brings a different dish that is then shared by everyone. The cool thing about it is that everyone prepares their favorite dish and you get the best of all worlds without spending time, effort and most importantly money. But that's not all, when inviting your friends, you actually make that meal a good gettogether in which you also have a lot of fun without leaving your house saving on a lot of expenses.
If you find potluck interesting there is a very nice website that is dedicated to having meals with others:
http://www.eatwith.com You should definitely check it out.
Time your shopping correctly
The holiday season causes a crazy shopping spree and everybody fights for getting the items they want. The funny thing is that one day after the holiday you can shop easily without the fuss and more importantly at even better prices. Most holiday gifts are things that can hold for another year. So, if you have the space you can buy Christmas decorations right after Christmas, Halloween decorations on November, egg decorations after Easter and there are many more examples that will help you save a lot of money just by planning ahead. From my experience, you can save 200 bucks each year using this simple tip.
By the way, this is also important for end of season sales. These days the end of season sales start really early so you should definitely wait for it and get much better prices.
Don't try to solve your problems with shopping
Different people deal with hard situations differently. Some people resort to food, others get depressed and some tend to go shopping to make themselves feel better. The problem is that all of these actions help only in the short term while they have harsh implications for the future because eating too much is unhealthy and fattening, getting depressed won't help you feeling better and shopping just leaves a hole in your pocket. There are much better ways to deal with situations that you might encounter.
Some of these ways are meditation and exercise which are known to release endorphins in your brain and help you feel better both for the short and long term. Other things you can do is meet up with friends, work in the yard and do whatever makes you happy. But don't make the mistake thinking that shopping is a solution.
If you are interested in meditation you can click here: http://innerpeacemeditation.org/
Rent clothing for special occasions
So, the solution is to rent that clothing instead of buying it. Renting will help you save a lot of money that could amount to hundreds of dollars and even better, you return the "special" clothing and don't have to think about it anymore. Nobody knows if you'll still like that clothing when the next event comes anyway.
">Whenever you have a big occasion you want to look your best. So you carve out big dollars and spend a lot of money to buy that special piece of clothing like a dress or a suit. The problem is that this occasion is a single event and that you probably won't use this clothing again. Even worse, you wouldn't want to wear the "special" clothing because it's saved for big events that might come only in a few years.
So, the solution is to rent that clothing instead of buying it. Renting will help you save a lot of money that could amount to hundreds of dollars and even better, you return the "special" clothing and don't have to think about it anymore. Nobody knows if you'll still like that clothing when the next event comes anyway.
Buy smart clothes
What are smart clothes? That might be the first question you ask yourself when seeing this title. Well, smart clothes are clothes that match right about everything. Think about it this way, if you have clothes that match each other well you can make any number of combinations and it's like having an endless number of clothes even though you only have six shirts, six pants and three ties. That way you can still look sharp and save a lot of money on clothes.
This advice is also very easy to fulfill. All you got to do is to think whenever you buy a piece of clothing whether it will fit your other clothes. The more it fits, the more options you'll have. Using this tip might help you save a lot of money easily.
Think before you buy
Whenever you go shopping and you see something you'd like to put in your cart, before putting it in stop for a couple of seconds and ask yourself what is the reason for buying it? Do you really need it? Or is it just a whim that you should give in to?
Those simple questions usually have simple answers that will help you prevent impulse purchases saving you a lot of money (approximately 10% of your purchases which can amount to hundreds of dollars each year). Regarding the items you'll still buy, the chance of having buyer's remorse is materially lower because you'll have good answers for why you bought them.
Use generic drugs
Whenever you can, you should ask your physician to prescribe generic drugs that cost significantly less than branded drugs. You won't believe how much you can save on drugs. The sum of money you can save might amount to 600 bucks a year. Now tell me that it matters which drug you take (as long as they have the same outcome). Another good advice is to use the storebrand which costs 35% less than familiar and national brands. Using this method, you can save another 100 bucks each year. That's a really nice save for buying a product that there is no way to tell the difference between it and the branded ones.
Never forget that drugs expenses mount as we get older and that's why when starting to save today even a little might help you save a lot tomorrow.
Save electricity while doing the laundry
Two big electricity users are the washing machine and the dryer. They spice up your electricity bill each time you use them. However, there is a nice solution to each. While washing your clothes you can do it with cool water, saving the money on heating them. That will help you save approximately ten bucks a month which amount to 120 $ per year.
Another nice option is to hang clothes to dry. While dryers do use electricity, and increase the bill another problem they cause is the damage they do to clothes which decreases their lifespan and appearance.
By drying some of your clothes without a dryer you can save money on buying clothes, hanging on to your clothes for a longer period.
Don't hog the bathroom
stimulates your blood flow making it better and also saving you money on energy.
">While taking a long shower or even a bath is fun from time to time it's actually really bad for your wallet because it beefs up your water bill as well as making you spend money on heating the water. You can get the exact same feeling by getting used to short showers that will save you money and even time.
By the way, in the summer or if you are one of the "cold shower freaks" you should really take a cold one because it stimulates your blood flow making it better and also saving you money on energy.
Cut down on eating out
While eating out is a lot of fun, it's all about habits. Once you'll get used to eating in more, you'll be less interested in eating out. Cutting down on eating out will help you eat better and more nutritious food while saving money. Think about it this way, let's say that each time you eat out it costs you 25 bucks per person while eating in will cost you 7 bucks per person. You save 18$ per person each time you stay in. Now let's say you cut two times each month for two persons it's 72$ a month which amounts to more than 800$ a year. That's a big save for a small price. Don’t forget you can also have fun while eating in like cooking with your spouse or kids, whatever makes you happy and keeps your pockets full.
Always Try to Eat breakfast
Sometimes in the morning we're such in a hurry that we skip breakfast. That's about the worst idea we can have because a healthy and full breakfast fills us with energy and is very important from health perspective. Try thinking how do you feel right about noon on days that you haven't eaten breakfast and compare them with days you started your morning with a good nutritious breakfast. You'll immediately see they are completely different. When you haven't eaten breakfast, you'll be hungry, unfocused and prone to buy a heavy, unhealthy and expensive lunch opposed to a simpler, better and cheaper lunch you'll want on days that started with a bowl of cereal.
Bring your own lunch to work
A lot of the food away from home expenses are caused when you are going out to eat at work. Instead of spending so much money you can just pack your own lunch back at home. With only minutes of preparation, you can make a great, tasty, nutritional and more importantly cheap lunch.
Think about the money you'll save. We're talking about 10$ a day, 5 days a week which amount to an unbelievable amount of approximately 2,600 bucks a year. Now tell me you don't want to pack your lunch.
Use a basket and take advantage of grocery sales
Plan your grocery shopping by comparing prices of the grocery stores near you in order to find the cheapest one that correlates with your needs. When you find that special grocery store you should plan your shopping, fitting it to the grocery store's sales. This little tip might help you save up to 30% of your grocery bills which might amount to hundreds of dollars each year.
Another important tip is to come with a fabric basket which will allow you to reduce plastic waste and save you money. Another great benefit of the basket is its limited capacity. Opposed to the cart, which can fit a lot of stuff (including stuff you don't need) and makes it easy to carry, the basket is heavier and smaller making you think twice about every item you take. The need to carry might save you a lot of money as you'll buy only stuff you really need.
Make your food and drinks by yourself
While it seems that making your own food is hard and complicated, it's actually a lot simpler than you think. You can find recipes and instructions online easily and create great dishes and even basic foods such as bread easily and even more importantly a whole lot cheaper than buying the same food from the grocery store.
Another great thing about making your own food is adding your own touch which relates to your taste best. This ability enables you to make the best food for you which might be healthier and is cheaper for sure.
The same advice is also relevant for making your drinks by your own. Making beer, wine and coffee is as easy as they come. Once you have done it a few times you can do it fast and easily. Another perk is the ability to do it as a habit with friends. While brewing your own drinks has many advantages, the best one is the money you save. Let's think about replacing one cup of coffee a day five times a week with your own. If you save 3$ for every cup it amounts to 15$ a week and almost 800$ a year.
Wow! That's a lot of money. Want to get started?
http://allrecipes.com/ http://www.homebrewing.org/How-to-Make-Your-Own-Beer_ep_32-1.html http://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/g3166/cheap-easy-recipes/
Vacations at low prices
Even though we all want to save money it's hard to give up on your annual vacation. But the thing to note is that what makes the vacation fun is the people you're with and not the place you go. With that in mind, we have a beautiful country and we really don't have to go overseas to have some fun. You can make a low-cost vacation in the form of camping in the woods or near lakes. It can be very cheap and a lot of fun.
If you do want to fly, nowadays you can find cheap flights easily with great sites that lowered prices materially and you can book your entire trip online, cutting the fees of the travel agents. If you want, you can also fly low cost to lower the prices even more, but then, you should pack lightly as each bag you check will cost you more.
These are some sites that will help you find cheap flights:
http://www.orbitz.com http://www.cheapair.com http://www.kayak.com As for hotels, we found http://www.booking.com to be best and offer you the cheapest prices. I once planned a whole trip of two weeks to south Africa in less than 600$ using booking's membership plan called genius (and doesn't cost you anything).
If you want to save even more, forget about hotels and use http://www.airbnb.com which allows you to stay at other people's apartments making the stay cheaper by approximately 20%.
The biggest expense after flights and places to stay is the food expense, and here we can have a few options like cooking instead of going to restaurants. Another option is https://www.eatwith.com/ which enables you to eat with people, getting to know them, having an adventure while you can find meals at great prices too.
In sum, you can have a great vacation at low prices. All you got to do is to plan ahead.
By exercising you'll slim your body and your expenses
One of the best hobbies you can have is exercising. It helps you slim down and become healthier and you can even do it without spending money at all. You can exercise by going on a walk or jogging in the mornings or evenings. You can also do some body weight lifting without leaving your house. The more you exercise, the healthier you will eat, it's a psychological thing and it will also save you money.
If you want, you can also find free fitness classes in gyms that offer introductory lessons which will help you get started on your own. Even better, today everything is online. You can find great fitness sites with videos that will help you for free so you'll be able to exercise, save and slim down.
Here are some sites to get you started:
https://alison.com/learn/health-and-fitness http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-smith2/free-online-workout_b_7722024.html https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos
Have a green thumb?
If you do, gardening is one of the nicest and cheapest hobbies you can find. All you need is a yard and some seeds. You should always try to plant things that come easily and everyone needs. One of the best plants is tomato plants because they are really easy to take care of, they yield a lot of tomatoes and are very useful in every kitchen. You can make so many stuff from tomatoes you won't believe. Another good plant is pepper, they are also really easy to grow and yield great crops. You can also grow eggplants, cucumbers and much more. You'll save money on buying fruit and vegetables and have fun doing it.
Plan your escape from debt
Make a list of all of your debts, including mortgage, auto-loan, student loans and everything else, and start planning how to reduce the debt each month until sometime, I guess in some years, you'll finish all of your debt.
Most people feel obligated by what they see in front of them all the time. So, the best way to do it is to draw a line chart and put it up on your fridge (BTW did you know that the fridge door is the door you open the most?). The line chart should start today with your current debt and you should mark your debt levels each month. This tracking will make you commit to reducing your debt as it becomes a challenge you must complete.
Remember that each dollar of debt you drop another few percents of interest drop too. In that relation, a lot of people have debt on one hand and investments in solid instruments on the other hand. That's the worse decision because the interest you'll pay on your debt is significantly higher than the interest you'll receive on solid investments. If that's the case for you, you should withdraw your solid investment and clear the debt. If you need some help with it, you should contact us on our contact page : http://www.savemoneyeasily.com/Contact.
Credit cards can mean trouble
Credit cards are a really easy and convenient way to pay, actually too convenient. I, myself had a lot of problems with credit cards because they are so easily swiped and charged. If you have this problem too, do what I do and don't walk around with them. Make use of them for emergencies only while paying with cash all the time.
That sounds easy, but the most important part of this plan is to set the amount of cash you carry in advance and not to withdraw more. It takes some resolve but I'm sure that you'll manage. Behaving in that fashion can help you save a lot of money really quickly. It can help you lower approximately 20% of your expenses on things you don't really need that you buy today.
Another important issue is to remove your credit card from your online accounts. If you thought that there is nothing easier than swiping a credit card, now there actually is. You probably save your credit card on your accounts making the buy as easy as one click. You should remove your card from all of your accounts making it harder to make the purchase. Because in the time it'll take you to find the card and enter its number you'll think about the purchase again and maybe you'll regret it.
Another important reason not to keep your card in your account is data theft that might happen every minute. By removing your card, you reduce the probability that it'll happen.
Keep out of the mall
You should try to avoid the mall whenever you can as it is filled with temptation and can easily make you buy stuff you didn't plan on buying. If you're going there to have some fun, believe me you can find better options that have far less temptations like going outside for a walk, playing a fun game inside, practicing some sports.
If you do need to go to the mall to buy something and you are not just doing it for fun, you should try not to take your kids. Because if temptations affect us, they affect our kids ten times more, and it's hard to say no to your kids. So, if you'll bring your kids, chances you'll go back with stuff you didn't plan on buying are really high.
In order to summarize, try reducing the number of times you go to the mall and even more importantly try reducing the number of times you take your kids with you.
Have you tried buying used first?
You can find a lot of the things you want to buy at a much cheaper price at used stores. You can find great condition used clothes in prices that are 80% lower than the prices of the same new clothes. You can also find equipment at prices that are 60% lower than the exact same used equipment. The list goes on and on, relating to furniture, games, music and much more. So, before you start spending, especially on pricy stuff, look for used first. Today you can even do it online and it's as easy as they come. Try these sites for example:
http://www.craigslist.com http://www.ebay.com http://www.aliexpress.com Another great way to find some great deals is yard sales, where you can find clothing, furniture, dishes and much more. At those sales, you can find the items at prices that are lower by 70% than the price for new items. However, you should always stay focused and buy only the stuff you really need, even if the price seems really good.
Buy stuff that doesn't spoil in bulks
A lot of products are cheaper in large packages than in small one to encourage customers to buy the bigger ones. If that product doesn't spoil and you'll use it, you should really take advantage of it as it can save you some real money. When you are in the store always compare prices, and see if you should take the bigger package, even though it might cost you more right now you'll save in the future and that's the most important issue.
From my experience, buying in bulks can help you save approximately 30% of the products' prices. That could amount to hundreds of dollars per year and that's something you shouldn't pass by.
Buy generic brands
Today most big stores have their own generic brand. These brands are at exactly the same quality as the familiar brands and are mostly even produced in the same factories. However, the price is much cheaper because of the low spending on the brand name. Let's take Oreo's for example or Barilla pasta, you are very familiar with these brands because of ads you see almost each day. These ads cost money and they cause the price of the product to be higher for the company to profit. But you can get the exact same quality at a much lower price. Just buy generic, believe me, you won't be sorry and you can save approximately 40% on the costs of these products which could amount to thousands of dollars each year.
Here is a list of 25 products for which you should take the generic brand: http://www.thekitchn.com/generic-versus-name-brand-25-foods-to-buy-cheap-tips-from-the-kitchn-206826
Babysitting saving
If you have a baby or a small child you know that the cost of babysitting is very pricy. Last year the average rate was appraised at 15$ per hour. Let's say you go for four hours once a week, that's 60$ per week which is 3,120$ per year. That's a lot of money for a night out. The best way to reduce this cost is to use your neighbors. You probably have neighbors with kids that are at a similar age to yours. You can make a deal with them trading nights and saving your more than 3,000 bucks per year.
If you also want to make some money on the side, you can also offer yourself as a babysitter to other parents for nights you stay at home. That way, instead of sitting at home only spending money, you'll actually be increasing your income (like we said, one night a week equals more than 3,000 bucks as year).
Volunteering isn't just about giving, you're also getting for free
One thing you should always consider is volunteering as it has great benefits such as meeting new people, contributing to others and lifting your mood.
Volunteering doesn't cost you anything but your time and although you try to help others you'll also help yourself. You never know who you'll meet, maybe it's a high-ranking officer at some company who appreciates your work and wants you to come along, maybe it will be your next significant other. We believe in karma, and we are positive that by helping others you will actually also help yourself.
You can get started volunteering on: http://www.miusa.org/resource/tipsheet/volunteerlinks
Reduce the impact of your AC on your electricity bill
Now this is a tough one, it seems there's no escaping the AC these days. However, we're about to show you how you can reduce your electricity bill and still enjoy your days without sweating or freezing.
The first and most important tip is to set the AC thermostat to 75-76 degrees which enables you save energy and enjoy cool fresh air. Now, for tips for specific seasons that will help you deal with the weather.
We'll start with summertime, blocking sunlight will help you keep your house cool without spending so much money on electricity. You can block the sunlight using drapes and shades that will reduce the houses heat absorption and thereby will cool it down. In addition, you can drink cold drinks (preferably water with ice) that will cool you down allowing you to replace the AC with a better and cheaper alternative.
As for winter, you can sit with extra blankets, drink hot drinks like coffee, tea, chocolate milk or simply put a hot water bottle near you preventing the need to pull the room temperature up. You should also weatherproof your house and make it resistant to weather changes saving you a lot of money in the future. You can find all you need at your local hardware store and follow these instructions: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/weatherproofing Another important notion is to ask local gas and electric company for a low-cost home energy audit. That audit can help you find some caveats in your house and help you fix them for a really cheap price helping save hundreds of dollars each year on electricity costs.
Maintain your car and house regularly
That saying couldn't be farthest from the truth. By maintaining your house and your car regularly you can prevent future breaking points and save a lot of money because replacing a broken part costs a hell lot more than repairing a damaged one that is still salvageable. In addition, correct maintenance will even reduce your ongoing bills. One of the best examples is the air filter in your air conditioner in your house. By cleaning it regularly you can reduce electricity consumption materially and see your bills going down easily. And if we started talking about air filters, your car has one too, and a clean air filter can reduce your gas consumption by up to 10% percent allowing you to save more than a hundred bucks every year. Cleaning the air filter take only a few minutes. In these few minutes, you get 100$ each year. Nice huh?
These are only little of the maintenance advice. If you want to read more and find out about more interesting maintenance advice go to:
For car maintenance: http://www.wikihow.com/Maintain-a-Car For house maintenance: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/10/08/keep-your-house-in-tip-top-shape-an-incredibly-handy-home-maintenance-checklist/ ">There's an old saying: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it". That saying couldn't be farthest from the truth. By maintaining your house and your car regularly you can prevent future breaking points and save a lot of money because replacing a broken part costs a hell lot more than repairing a damaged one that is still salvageable. In addition, correct maintenance will even reduce your ongoing bills. One of the best examples is the air filter in your air conditioner in your house. By cleaning it regularly you can reduce electricity consumption materially and see your bills going down easily. And if we started talking about air filters, your car has one too, and a clean air filter can reduce your gas consumption by up to 10% percent allowing you to save more than a hundred bucks every year. Cleaning the air filter take only a few minutes. In these few minutes, you get 100$ each year. Nice huh?
These are only little of the maintenance advice. If you want to read more and find out about more interesting maintenance advice go to:
For car maintenance: http://www.wikihow.com/Maintain-a-Car For house maintenance: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/10/08/keep-your-house-in-tip-top-shape-an-incredibly-handy-home-maintenance-checklist/
Refinance, Refinance, Refinance
When interest rates go down you should always ask about refinancing your house. We know it might be scary and a mortgage is something not everyone understands but we can make it really simple. It's very important to check the mortgage rates constantly as it is probably the biggest loan you'll ever take making the interest you pay on it the most you'll pay. Let's show an example and assume we took a 100,000$ fixed-rate mortgage at 4% for 15 years. Now, two years later, interest rates have gone down and we can refinance the house lowering the interest rate to 3.5%. This change, which lasts for the remaining 13 years (unless you refinance again later) can save you up to 5,000 bucks in interest you are supposed to pay on the loan. Now that’s a lot of money you can save. If you want to learn more about mortgages and refinance you can go to Investopedia and learn about it:
http://www.investopedia.com/articles/pf/05/033005.asp or even better, ask our specialists about our premium services using our contact page : http://www.savemoneyeasily.com/Contact
Move to a cheaper neighborhood
Sometimes a distance of two miles might impact housing prices by 30% percent, and when we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, 30% is a lot of money. You should check out cheaper neighborhoods in your area, you'll be able to save a lot of money without impacting the quality of your life materially. You can even try renting a house in the neighborhood you want to move to for a short time in order to see if you like it before making the big decision.
You won't believe how many great neighborhoods (even near you) have cheap prices only because they have a bad rep that originates years ago and isn't relevant at all anymore these days.
If you want to start checking new neighborhoods right now you can go to:
http://www.zillow.com/ and don't forget
which allows you to see the neighborhood with your own eyes and navigate like you're right there.
Move to a smaller house
If the house you live in is rented, it should fit you like a glove for now. If you live in a house you own it should be a fit for you for the upcoming 10 years, not more. People buy big houses because they think they'll need the space but that space actually becomes an obstacle because they start filling it up with stuff they don't need as all of us have some hoarding tendencies. By buying a house that is too big you'll pay too much for the house, you pay too much city taxes and even worse, you'll want to fill the empty space causing you to buy more stuff you don't need.
Always plan ahead, if in 10 years you won't need 4 bedrooms you don't need them now.
In order to find the right house size for you try using our proprietary models in the expenses section or go to this address:
http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/31989008/list/house-hunting-find-your-just-right-size-home Another option you have if you have a house that is too big for you is to rent some of your space. A good way to do it is http://www.Airbnb.com which enables you to make a lot of money from short-term rentals. However, don’t ever forget that this means letting a stranger inside your home.
Buy surge protectors for your important appliances
Electricity networks work in flows of energy and sometimes due to disruption in the network a power surge is caused. This surge can burn electronic circuits very easily and cause some of your most expensive devices to become unusable making you buy new ones and spend a lot of money. You can prevent this unfortunate event by spending only a couple of bucks to protect equipment worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of bucks. So, think about your most expensive equipment, it can be the refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine, dryer, TV, computer and audio devices. By using surge protectors your appliances will serve you longer and save you a lot of money by not having to replace them.
You can find surge protectors on ebay (http://www.ebay.com) All you have to type in the search box is surge protector.
Unplug appliances you don’t use
Most people are positive that turned off appliances don't consume any electricity, however that notion is far from the truth. This usage is called standby power and it relates to the energy that flows to turned off appliances' cords through the outlets. To avoid this standby waste all you got to do is to unplug the appliances you don't use. The average American has approximately 30 appliances that are constantly plugged in causing energy waste. By unplugging these devices, you can save a lot on your electricity bills easily.
Another important benefit is that by unplugging the devices you reduce the chance that they'll be affected by a short circuit and even cause a fire.
If you want to learn more about standby power find this Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standby_power
Cancel memberships you don't use
I know a lot of people who signed up for the gym, went once or twice and ever since the only relationship they with the gym is the money leaving their account every month. When confronted about it most of them make an excuse claiming that they will start going next Monday. Don't be that person, if you have a membership you don't need cancel it. Believe me, after you cancel, if you'd like to go back every gym will take you back, it's not like your ex-girlfriend.
By canceling these memberships you can save hundreds of dollars per year which amounts to a lot of money you can save. By the way, if you still go to the gym you can replace it with exercising by yourself which will still allow to get fitter and save money.
This tip is relevant for all club memberships you don't use. It can be a gym, a theater, a VIP client at a restaurant and anything else. Don't let the money go to waste. Cancel your unneeded memberships.
Get rid of unused magazine subscriptions
Once upon a time you probably subscribed to a magazine that you thought would be interesting and fun to read. However, as time passed by you lost your interest in it and now the stack or papers only gets used as paper weight. These days that magazine is only costing you money and fills up your house with unneeded and unwanted stuff. You should cancel that subscription as soon as possible and hell, you should even call their client department and ask them for a refund. You might get some of your money back. This easy tip can save you tens of dollars each year.
If you are still interested in one or more of your magazines, you should compare its subscription price online. For example, use the following website: https://www.magazines.com/ Here you can find magazine for a small price if you must have them in your life.
Buy a used car instead of a new one
One of the worst investments you can make is a new car. It doesn't matter which car you bought, the minute you drove it, it loses about 15%-20% of its value. The drop in the car value doesn't stop there, it continues all the time and the more expensive the car is the bigger the drop.
If you really want to save you should check out used, reliable, fuel-efficient cars in good condition. By buying a car that is only 3-4 years old you can get a car for significantly less money and still enjoy most perks of a new car without dealing with the problems of an old car.
For an example of the money you can save, a new 2017 Honda Accord costs approximately 50,000$ while a used 2016-2017 Honda Accord can be found for 33,000$ that's a nice save while still enjoying a new car that is less than one year old.
You can find excellent offers in:
http://www.cars.com https://www.carsforsale.com
Clean out your car trunk
The heavier the car is the more gas it consumes. By cleaning your trunk every month you can get rid of stuff that get piled up there. For the average car, an extra 100 lbs in the trunk increases the fuel consumption by more than 2% which might amount to about 50$ a year. That's easy money, there is no reason to keep the stuff you have in your car for years there, plain and simple.
Buy a fuel efficient and reliable car
While the distance to work stays the same, the gasoline usage might change materially from car to car. If you buy a car that consumes a gallon every 30 miles you might save half your gasoline usage compared to a car that gets only 15 miles per gallon (meaning approximately 500$ a month and 6,000$ per year). That's a lot of money for driving the same distance.
To help you find out the details about your car and about other potential cars you can follow this link that shows the most and least efficient cars and sorts them by mpg (miles per gallon):
https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/best/bestworstNF.shtml Another characteristic you should think about when buying a car is reliability. Nobody likes to get stuck on the road but believe me you'll like even less to spend a lot of money on servicing your car. By buying a reliable car you can prevent these unnecessary and unfun events.
Here is a list of the most reliable cars that might help you make the right decision:
Ditch motor transports, use your body
On days with good weather you can leave your car at home and forget about public transportation and use your body. You can walk or bike to work by doing that you can save a lot of money and even get a little exercise. Just to help you get the idea, the average American spends more than 1,000$ a month on transportation to work. By walking or biking the distance for even half of the days you can save 500$ a month, that's big money representing 6,000$ a year.
In addition, walking 30 minutes burns about 150 calories, meaning that by walking 3 days a week you can burn 450 calories per week which amounts to 23,400 calories per year (which equal to approximately 6.7 lbs)!
Biking 30 minutes burns about 260 calories, meaning that by biking 3 days a week you can burn 780 calories each week and that amounts to 40,560 calories per year (which equal approximately 11.6 lbs).
Now tell us that you prefer driving and standing in traffic.
Speeding costs money
Although time is considered to equal money actually speeding costs money as it causes inefficient gasoline usage and might get you pulled over by a police officer and cost you a ticket which might amount to more than 100$. The funny thing is that by speeding, you only might save a few minutes. So, if a few of your minutes equal 100$ (which means that one of your hours is worth 2000$) you can speed away. As for us, we prefer spending these minutes on the road and saving these bucks. Moreover, speeding might cause more accidents that will have even a bigger impact on your budget, or even worse on your life. So let's decide together not to speed and abide by all traffic rules , you'll thank us for that.
One of the most significant wastes happens when people ride to work. Most cars have five seats, yet people usually ride to work alone causing a waste of four seats. You probably leave next to one or more of your colleagues. If you do, you can save money easily and have fun riding to work. All you have to do is to coordinate a carpool with your colleagues and you can save big.
Just to give you the right impression, the average American spends more than 1,000 bucks a year driving to work so by setting a carpool with one more person you can save 500 bucks easily. By making the carpool involve more people you can even save more, up to 800$ (if you set it with another four people). And don't think that your saving stops there because you also save the tear on your car preventing the need for car maintenance and services.
If you don't have colleagues to ride with, you can use ride sharing apps like waze (yes, the navigation app also allows to share rides these days) or you can use one of these services:
https://www.carpoolworld.com/carpool_list_cities.html?country_code=USA,US&ordered_by=popularity https://www.ridester.com/
Public transportation can actually save you time and money
If your city has a good public transportation system, you should use it. By doing so you can reduce your expenses on transportation by more than 50% also avoiding the trouble in parking your car and saving you money on car service needs.
In addition, it's also nice traveling on public transportation as you don't know who you might meet on the road, it could be your next boss or your next ex-wife (.
Maybe your city is one of the cities with the best public transportation in the US and you didn't even know it:
http://www.ecowatch.com/top-25-american-cities-with-the-best-public-transit-1882184791.html By the way, using cabs doesn't count as public transportation and it costs you a lot of extra money. So, if you use cabs, by reducing the amount of usage you can save a lot of money. Which brings us to another great solution offered by Uber which enables people to offer themselves as drivers for half the price of cabs. To get you started on uber:
Try reducing the meat you eat
You don't have to become a vegetarian, but you can reduce the meat you eat. By cutting down meat from one meal a week you can save about 3 bucks a week, which amounts to 150$ per year. Meat is expensive compared to beans, eggs, nuts and other supplements. In addition, cutting meat from one meal a week also has health benefits because we weren't born to eat as much meat as we eat these days. After eating meat each day for many years, I have cut my meat consumption and since then I feel much better and more rejuvenated compared with the time I ate only meat. Of course, we don't recommend not eating meat at all unless you eat enough substitutes.
Here is a nice article about eating meat by BBC:
You still haven't quit smoking?
It seems like almost everyone has quit smoking. There are many reasons to quit smoking, the first and most important one is the health problems it causes and the second most important one is the hole it leaves in your pockets.
We're sure that if you want to quit smoking you don't need us to preach on you but still we'll give you another very good reason to quit and never smoke again and if you don't want to quit smoking we'll give you a good reason to.
Let's say you smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day, at an average price of 5.5$ per pack. It means that each year you spend about 700$ on those cancer sticks!
Now, let's say you smoke a pack per day and the total amounts to 1,400$ per year. Tell us you can't use that money for better things than smoking.
Just to amaze you a little more, if you're smoking you have probably done it for about 10 years which means you already spent 14,000$ and you're probably going to do it for 20 more in which you'll spend an additional 28,000$. You should find a better and cheaper hobby.
Cut down the fast food and TV dinners
Instead of eating a TV dinner or ordering fast food you can prepare a nutritious and healthy dinner which is cheaper and even tastes better. Preparing food is much easier and more fun than you think. You can cut a salad in about 3 minutes, leaving you with a good, cheap and nutritious dinner that can save you 4$ per day which amounts to 800$ a year (assuming you only eat those TV dinners every other day), now that's a lot of money.
You can also find recipes online and prepare more complex meals that will be healthy and cheaper while having fun preparing them.
You can get started with the following recipe websites:
http://allrecipes.com/ http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes.html
Don't pay for services you don't use
By checking your bill regularly and negotiating correctly you can still get the service you wanted and save approximately 30% of the billing amount.
You can also try to use internet based phone calls to reduce your phone bill. These days, popular applications like whatsapp and google dou enable to conduct video and audio calls in very good quality which diminishes the need to use regular phones and cell phone provider calls.
By using more internet calls (which can also be done through wifi when you are connected to one) you can save a lot of money.
">Most communications companies offer you services you don't need in order to beef up your bill. By going through these bills, including cell phone, internet, cable bills and every other regular service provider, you'll be able to see what you really need and what you don't. There are many examples of internet companies billing for email services when you can easily get one for free and phone companies billing for "administrative charges" and much more.
By checking your bill regularly and negotiating correctly you can still get the service you wanted and save approximately 30% of the billing amount.
You can also try to use internet based phone calls to reduce your phone bill. These days, popular applications like whatsapp and google dou enable to conduct video and audio calls in very good quality which diminishes the need to use regular phones and cell phone provider calls.
By using more internet calls (which can also be done through wifi when you are connected to one) you can save a lot of money.
Benefits are not a crude word
If you work in a medium or large sized company you probably can have some benefits you've never heard of. By talking with someone from HR for 30 minutes you might find out things you couldn't imagine like getting free tickets to sport events, self-improvement courses, cheap theater tickets, gym membership and much more.
The funny thing is, most people don't know about these options because they simply don't ask. You shouldn't be that guy, all you got to do is ask and you'll be on your way to enjoy benefits and save some money.
Get a library card or read online e-books
These days it seems like almost nobody reads anymore and it's a damn shame because reading is one of the cheapest and best hobbies you can have. It helps you enjoy, learn, imagine and more without spending money. Most cities have a nice library that's available to everyone, all you got to do is go there and find the book that interests you. In addition to finding interesting books most town libraries today also have movies, CDs and DVDs you can swap without a problem and there you have it, a nice hobby that is almost free.
If going to the library is an effort for you, we can even get you started on e-books. The development of the internet and computers has caused a lot of authors to publish their books as electronic files you can read on your computer without leaving your home. Just to help you get started, here is a free website with tons of e-books: https://www.free-ebooks.net/ And if you want popular e-books for a cheap price you can go to: http://www.ebooks.com Now you can read without paying and even without leaving your home, saving you a lot of money.
Buy quality appliances that will last and also look for efficiency rating
Before buying a new appliance always conduct a little market research. That little research might save you a lot money and these days you can do it in minutes from your home using the internet. By buying the correct appliances which last for a long time you can save a large sum of money. Consider replacing your dryer every three years. That doesn't sound so nice, now try to think about a dryer that lasts for 10 years. That's a difference for you, even if the 10 year lasting one is two times the price of the first one it's better to buy it. In addition, always look at the energy efficiency rating, the higher it is the more you can save of your electricity bill.
You can compare appliances on: http://www.pricegrabber.com/appliances/ Learn about energy efficient appliances: https://www.energystar.gov/products
Replace your regular bulbs with electricity efficient such as LEDs
LEDs are energy efficient light bulbs. Although they cost more than regular bulbs they can make your electricity bill shrink materially. While we won't recommend exchanging all of light bulbs because of the cost of LEDs, they use far less electricity so by replacing the regular bulb for the lights you use the most you can reduce the electricity consumption in a big fashion.
Another interesting point to note is that LEDs have a longer life span than that of regular bulbs so you'll diminish the need for you to replace bulbs. By replacing just five of the bulbs you use most by LEDs you can save 50$ a year. That's a nice and easy way to save.
By the way, just to get you started, you can find LED bulb on ali express for 1.5$ each (so you'll start saving immediately as the bulb arrives) :
http://www.aliexpress.com (search for led light bulb)
Clean your appliances frequently
Most appliances tend to collect dust that might impact their performance and make them less efficient. By checking your appliances frequently and cleaning them you can restore the appliance's previous performance and prevent future service needs which also cost money. In sum, by a little effort on your side you can save money on electricity and make your appliances live longer reducing the costs of buying new appliances every couple of years.
The most prone to dust appliances are refrigerators, dryers and cooling and heating systems (which are also the highest electricity consuming appliances so by handling them correctly you might save a lot of money).
Don't waste electricity
Electricity usage is measured in Kilowatt hour (KWH). The cost of running equipment is the product of power in kilowatts multiplied by running time in hours and price per kilowatt hour
For example, operating an electric heater which consumes 1000 watts (1 kilowatt) for one hour uses one kilowatt hour of energy. A television that is running for 10 consecutive hours and consumes 100 watts uses one kilowatt hour. A 40-watt light bulb operating continuously for 25 hours uses one kilowatt hour.
The average price of KWH in the US is 12.9 cents which means that by saving energy you can also save a lot of money. The most consuming electrical appliances are the heating and cooling systems (which consumes from 900 watt per hour to 3.5 kw per hour meaning that every hour of work costs you approximately 0.5$. By cutting one hour per day you can save 180$ annually).
Next you have water heaters, televisions, lights, washers and dryers as the most consuming appliances. A lot of people tend to leave lights on, by turning of the lights you can also reduce your bills and save money. Spend electricity wisely and you can cut down your energy costs substantially.
Drinking water will slim you and your expenses down
A can of soda costs approximately 1$ when buying singles and 0.5$ when buying a six-pack. But the implications of a soda are much more than financial. Sodas are really bad for your body, they make you thirstier, they give you sugar hike and drops and cause a lot of damage. Although a lot of people think that light sodas are better they are actually worse.
That's why you should lay off the soda and go back to drinking water which is much better and when you get used to it is even tastier. By drinking a lot of water you'll also feel fuller and eat less causing you both to get slimmer and to reduce your restaurant bills.
Let's start by reducing soda drinks by one every other day, we're talking about approximately 180$ a year. That's a pretty nice save… which also helps you get slimmer.
Cut the costs on cutting your hair
The average male haircut costs 25$ plus tip and is done every 3 weeks, meaning 17 times a year for an annual fee of 425$ before tips. That is a lot of money for an easy haircut anyone can do. So by trying doing it yourself you can save a large sum of money, let alone if we talk about children who might beef up the bill.
As for women, we can search for local beauty schools in which we can set up a meeting with trainees who will give us huge discounts or even cut our hair for free.
While this tip seems easy it might save you a lot of money. And after only a few times you might even do it really well making your savings permanent.
To get you started here is a website about cutting your own hair for men:
Sell what you don't need
Most of us buy stuff we don't need. These actions can be avoided by using the month rule which is explained in another tip. Here we deal with the object that you already have in your house that you haven't used in the last year or more.
You should go through all of the things you have in your house and sort them into things you use and things that you don't need. Then, try selling the things you don't need. You can have a yard sale or use websites (which we prefer) to sell them, get some bucks and make some room in house. An additional option is donating the things you don't need to receive a tax deduction.
Here are some websites where you can sell your stuff:
http://www.ebay.com http://www.craigslist.com
Don't be in such a rush to throw away clothes
Sometimes we tend to throw away clothes too easily. At the first sign of a broken button or small hole we think that we can't wear them anymore. However, using a small and simple solution like a sewing machine or a thread and a needle we can repair these clothes without effort and more importantly without costs helping us to save money. If you don't know how to sew you should learn to. It's easy, efficient and even fun. By practicing a little you'll be also able to add your personal touch to your clothes making them look more like designer clothes than simple branded ones without spending the most of your annual income.
Just to get you started, here is a nice website that will help get you sewing in no time: http://www.tillyandthebuttons.com/p/learn-to-sew.html
Host a dinner party instead of going out
If each time your friends want to go out, you think about the expenses you're about to face maybe this tip will help you. Next time, instead of thinking of a place to go invite them over for an indoor dinner party in which everyone contributes by bringing a type of dish. That way you can make it interesting, fun, delicious and most importantly cheap.
When you go out you'll have to pay for gas, parking, food, drinks, dessert, show which could easily amount to more than 50$. By hosting your friends, you can cut your costs by at least 80%! And don't forget that you can do it in rotation so the next time won't even be at your place costing you even less.
In order to make your evening even more unforgettable, here is a website dedicated to adult dinner party games: http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.com/adult-dinner-party-games.html
Don't go overboard spending on children
Most parents tend to go overboard, especially in their first child. The excitement and the will not to spare anything from the child causes parents not to think about expenses and spend like there is no tomorrow. The companies also know that and they take advantage by raising their prices or offering products or attractions that will cause the child in pressing the parents into spending. However, there are very cheap ways to entertain your children especially if they are young. Here are some ideas that won't make a hole in your pocket:
You can make a coloring book and spend hours on it
You can take picture and cut it into pieces just like a puzzle.
You can buy a ball that will employ them for hours
You can buy a simple musical instrument which takes hours of practice
You can ride a bike with them
There are many more options that will entertain your children. The most important thing is that you will devote is your time and not your money. That's what children want mostly.
Go over your credit bills
When people receive their credit card bill in the mail most of them will just throw it in the trash. But that is the wrong thing to do. Going over the bill forces you to face all the deals you made asking yourself whether they were really necessary. If you know that at the end of the month you'll have to answer for each deal you make, you might think twice before purchasing things you don't really need.
By checking the bills regularly, you can also make sure that you haven't fallen as a victim to a credit card fraud or identity theft and that's just an additional perk of spending only a minute on going over your bills.
Always be on the lookout for free events
Most cities and towns have free and open to the public events, parks, courts and other attractions. Use them wisely. Try finding the website of your municipality and check whether there are free and interesting events that you can spend your day on. By doing so you might save a lot of money instead of going to expensive attractions which, especially when you pay also for children, might result in spending your entire budget in a single day.
Just to get you started, you can also try search for free attractions in your city on google. For example, the following link will lead you to free attractions in Cleveland: https://www.google.com/?q=free+attractions+in+cleveland
Keep your car tires properly inflated.
Most people don't tend to check their tire pressure regularly. That causes them to lose gas. Although it sounds weird, research has shown that for each 2 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) that the tire pressure is lower than the recommended value 1% of your gas goes to waste. Because most people don't check the tires regularly they might even get to 8 PSI below the recommended level thereby losing almost 5% of their gas adding many dollars to their annual bills.
You can use this tip as easily as they come. All you gotta do is to read your car's manual or go online to find the recommended tire pressure (a nice website for it is http://www.tyre-pressures.com/) and then scoot on to the gas station, check your pressure and fill it if needed. You should check your pressure at least every two weeks and it's like gas falling from the sky.
Online grocery shopping
Sometimes our senses betray us. That's the exact issue when going grocery shopping. We see nice looking types of food and even more importantly nice smelling types of food and we surrender to our urges by putting these products in our shopping cart even if we don't really need them and haven't thought of them while making our list.
The best way to avoid the confrontation with our senses is to neutralize them by going shopping online. Luckily these days computers still can't convey smell and even pictures are not quite the same as looking at the real products. That's why we can save materially by shopping online. Another important feature of online shopping is that we can save previous lists and compare them making sure we don't spend more than we need. These days all of my shopping I do online and I'm saving about 40% of what I use to spend. Sound a lot right? I think so too. You should start making your grocery shopping online as soon as possible. Trust me, you won't regret it.
To help you get started, we assembled a list of a few sites that enable making grocery shopping online:
The well-known web retailer offers thousands of non-perishable items and offers large discounts for subscription items that are delivered at regular intervals.
http://www.AmericaGrocer.com - Ships anywhere in the lower 48 US states for food not requiring refrigeration. Does home delivery in the Austin, TX area.
http://www.AULSuperstore.com - Sells items by the single unit and case. Ships to 48 US states as well as military addresses.
http://www.Groceries-Express.com - Offers nationwide delivery of standard groceries; northern Detroit, MI can have frozen foods delivered.
http://www.MyBrands.com - Offers all of the usual grocery products and tries to offer regional and holiday favorites that may be hard to find.
Eat a good meal before grocery shopping
at least. Another important aspect of this tip is trying to avoid taking our kids to the store. Because kids want everything they see and while sometimes we might stand our ground and explain why we can't buy everything at other times we'll agree and spend more money than we tend to.
">Too many times we find ourselves in the grocery store after work, dying to go home to eat something. That is the worst thing we can do from a financial perspective. When we are hungry we act like animals wanting to buy everything we see and smell. That leads to very big expenses and waste of money. To prevent that behavior, we should be more calculated and go grocery shopping on a full stomach.
You might think it's a waste of time to go home, eat and then go out again. However, it's a much bigger waste of money not to eat first. You'll be amazed that once you eat before you go shopping your bills will deflate "by themselves" by 30% at least. Another important aspect of this tip is trying to avoid taking our kids to the store. Because kids want everything they see and while sometimes we might stand our ground and explain why we can't buy everything at other times we'll agree and spend more money than we tend to.
Use a list when grocery shopping
putting small and attractive products by the cashiers. In order to come prepared and not to buy things we don't need we have to make a specific grocery list and stick to it. That way we can avoid making impulsive purchases that inflate our bills and save a lot of money. Don't forget, unlike many other products, food has an expiry date and unplanned purchases most of the time go to waste.
The average American throws away about one third of the food he buys. That amounts to a lot of money you can save by buying only stuff you really need.
">One of the biggest seductions for most people is food. Grocery store owners know that and use it to their advantage by offering "sales" and putting small and attractive products by the cashiers. In order to come prepared and not to buy things we don't need we have to make a specific grocery list and stick to it. That way we can avoid making impulsive purchases that inflate our bills and save a lot of money. Don't forget, unlike many other products, food has an expiry date and unplanned purchases most of the time go to waste.
The average American throws away about one third of the food he buys. That amounts to a lot of money you can save by buying only stuff you really need.
Don’t be impulsive, use the month rule
buyers remorse", a psychological phenomenon which causes us to contemplate whether we should have bought that item.
To prevent buyer's remorse and avoid buying stuff we don't need, and even more importantly, save money we should use the month rule. This rule is very simple. All you have to do when you have the urge to buy something is not to yield to your regular desire and postpone the purchase by one month. If one month later, you'll still think that the purchase is really important then you should still buy that item. However, you'll see that most times after one month you won't even remember why you wanted to buy that item.
By following this simple rule you'll be able to save a lot of money.
">Look at your house, a lot of the things you see are things you once saw, thought that are important and now they just lay there being useless. We are all prone to advertisements and encouragements by business owners to make us buy their products. Their advertisements are supported by the fact that buying stuff makes us feel happier. However that feeling passes as early as a couple of minutes and sometimes we even face "buyers remorse", a psychological phenomenon which causes us to contemplate whether we should have bought that item.
To prevent buyer's remorse and avoid buying stuff we don't need, and even more importantly, save money we should use the month rule. This rule is very simple. All you have to do when you have the urge to buy something is not to yield to your regular desire and postpone the purchase by one month. If one month later, you'll still think that the purchase is really important then you should still buy that item. However, you'll see that most times after one month you won't even remember why you wanted to buy that item.
By following this simple rule you'll be able to save a lot of money.
Try fixing stuff on your own

http://www.youtube.com http://www.doityourself.com http://www.diynetwork.com/ ">We all tend to call professionals for every simple trouble we have. Unfortunately it can also be very costly. Today there are a lot of instructional videos on youtube that will teach you and show you how to do almost everything by yourself. I once needed to unclog the bathroom. I had no idea what and how to do it. I opened the youtube and six minutes later I saved 100$. If you need to open the clog in the bathroom, You can do it yourself!
Need to fix the hole in the wall? Do it yourself.
You'll save a lot of money and you won't believe how easy it is. Instead of using your cash to pay others, use it for yourself on things you really need.
There are a few sites that can help you do stuff by yourself but the truth is that the best site is youtube. It has everything. It can help you save so much money you will think to yourself: "why haven't I thought about it before when I watched music videos or kitten videos on the same website".
http://www.youtube.com http://www.doityourself.com http://www.diynetwork.com/
Create specialized gifts with your personalized touch
Birthdays and other happy events are all around us. While we all want to give the best gifts we can, that also costs money. However, by creating our own gifts we can save money and also make sure that the recipient receives something special that hasn't been given by anyone. Advertising agencies and stores encourage us to buy as much as they can but, actually, adult people actually don't need most gifts because it's a matter of taste and necessity. By preparing something for the occasion we can show that we gave more thought and invested in our gift.
For example, you can give a mixture of candles, soap and much much more. You won't believe the incredible ideas some sites on the net offer. To help you get started here are some websites that offer such ideas:
http://www.naturallivingideas.com/112-incredible-diy-gift-ideas/ http://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/homemade-christmas-gift-ideas.html http://www.mookychick.co.uk/how-to/arts-and-crafts/make-cheap-christmas-gift-ideas.php Don’t forget to add your personalized note to complete the perfect touch.
Find customer rewards programs
There are always retailers that are offering to provide you with discounts for being a member in their rewards program. Sometimes these programs cost money and at other times they are free. We encourage to seek the free ones and be a member in their club because if it's free it doesn't hurt. If you are getting tired of the mails they send your way you can even create a special email address for these programs which won't interfere with your regular mails. When you need to go shopping check first if in those programs you can get better deals.
To help you find cheap retailers in your area we listed few of the biggest retailers in the US. We hope that this list will help you on your way to save money:
http://www.walmart.com – The biggest discount store in the US
http://www.target.com – a well-known discount store in the US
http://www.dollartree.com – Another well-known discount store in the US
http://www.primark.com – Most US customers don't know this European retailer yet. But it has recently opened in the US and is definitely worth checking out.
Use coupon sites to get what you want cheap
In the past few years coupon site surfaced like mushrooms after the rain. Everyone was buying everything using those coupon sites. However in the last year that trend seemed to die down a little. However, those sites still exist and their offers might be exactly what you seek. By searching for what you want in one of the coupon sites you can save up to 50% of the cost of your purchase. This is a really easy way to save money.
You can start saving right now. Before going shopping or ordering some take outs you should go to one of the sites listed down here and get your coup-on before spending some money:
http://www.groupon.com http://www.coupons.com http://www.retailmenot.com
Why store when you can sell and earn some money
There is money in your closet! There is also some cash in the garage. All of us have a lot of stuff that we haven't used in ages. While we still believe that sometime these stuff will be useful the truth is that probably a couple of years from now we will have to use the space and just throw that stuff away. So why not sell upfront and make some money of it?
Today there are a lot of websites that enable us to sell our stuff easily without any special requirements. By listing your old stuff for sale you can make the most of them and also help others in need. Unbelievably the reselling clothes market amounts to almost 16 billion dollars. So why shouldn't you be a part of it?
To help you get started here is a list of websites that enable selling your stuff:
http://www.ebay.com – Here you can sell anything you want
http://www.craigslist.com – Pretty much the same as ebay.
https://poshmark.com/ - especially for selling clothes.
Cut the cord (or at least lower your dependence)
Television was found as addictive in studies. Because it is so addictive most of us think that it is essential in our life making us buy expensive packages of content offered by cable companies. Cutting the cord completely will save you a lot of money and even better a lot of time. However, we understand that it might be frightening to go from full cable packages to nothing and therefore we believe that if you have trouble disconnecting cable maybe you should consider an online streaming service that can lower your costs dramatically.
The average cable bill increased by 40% in the past five years. These days it stands at approximately 100$. By cutting the cable cord and registering with an online streaming service you can save up to 80%!
To help you make that essential move here are the websites of the leading online streaming companies:
http://www.netflix.com/ http://www.hulu.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-One-Year-Membership/dp/B00DBYBNEE
Bargain and ask for discounts
Most people are either shy or unaware that when buying items they can bargain and ask for discounts even in store chains and the most respected places. Don’t ever forget that money is king. Before paying for a product you hold all the power. The seller wants to sell. By showing that you have other options you can easily make the seller drop his price when you ask him to.

To explain the importance of tip, we'll demonstrate a conversation between you and the potential seller.
You: Hi, I'm interested in purchasing this tv. How much does it cost?
Seller: It costs 1000$.
You: That's too steep. I saw an advertisement of a similar tv for 900$ at (some random store from your area).
Seller: Sorry but I can't get to that price.
You: ok. I understand but if you can make it at 950$ I'll take it.
Now, sometimes they will refuse and at that point you gained nothing and lost nothing. However, most sellers will oblige providing you a nice saving rate.
The better you are at bargaining the more you can get the percentage of discount you ask for. You'll be amazed at how good bargainers can deduct of the price and save money.

Always compare prices
Before you buy a product you need or commit to a service you're interested in, you should always compare prices, making sure that you are making a good deal for yourself rather than for the seller. This simple tip requires a little effort but it can provide you with unbelievable results which might amount to 50% of the price you were about to pay.
The importance of price comparison even mounts when you are referring to services that are charged each month.
We know that saying and doing are a little different. Therefore, in order to get you started immediately you can easily compare prices using websites like the following:
http://www.ebay.com – You can search for products and even bid on an auction and save some more money.

http://www.pricegrabber.com – Nice site for comparing prices of products.
http://www.cable.tv/compare-providers/ - this site enables you to compare cable prices. By selecting the best value plan you'll be able to save a nice sum each month.
http://www.creditcards.com/ - a site that enables you to find the best credit card for you.

Another interesting and important site helps you save money on gas which could amount to hundreds of bucks each year:
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